Challenge 01: Meaningful Comparisons

This post is in response to an E-Learning Challenge — a weekly challenge presented by Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Community.  The goal of these challenges is to “learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolio.”

Challenge 01 - 1

The Challenge:

Challenge 01 asks users to “design an interactive graphic to show relative sizes for a series of airplanes.”  We were given images of four airplanes, both top and side.


The goal of the challenge was to show “meaningful comparisons” — which might come up in a real-world scenario where you need to show comparisons between multiple products in a business setting, for example.

The Process:

I didn’t have a plan when I started this challenge.  I played with on-screen layouts and ideas until I found something I liked.  In the middle of the design process, I was inspired by a car comparison graphic I found online, so my challenge submission sort of evolved from one design to another.  I didn’t want to toss what I originally created, so I tried to incorporate the two designs in to one.  Here are a few screenshots of the result.

Challenge 01 - 2

Challenge 01 - 3

Challenge 01 - 5

My Submission:

You can view my final submission here: Challenge 01: Meaningful Comparisons

What Worked and What Didn’t?

Looking back on the challenge, I should have come up with a plan before starting.  Aimlessly moving images around on the screen made for an okay design, but it’s clear I didn’t have much direction.  The intro “Airport” slide is fun but doesn’t add a whole lot to the course.  I like the sound effects and I think adding the right sound(s) can improve any course.  The individual airplane slides are okay, and I like that I worked some of the interesting facts in to the course — but again, they don’t add a whole lot.  I think the comparison slide works well for this challenge.  There were a lot of variables and a ton of triggers that had to be setup to make the drag-and-drop interaction work properly, but it turned out okay, and could be built upon to do more professional product comparisons.


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