Challenge 03: Gate Screen Demo

This post is in response to an E-Learning Challenge — a weekly challenge presented by Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Community.  The goal of these challenges is to “learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolio.”


The Challenge:

Challenge 03 asks users to create a Gate Screen.  From the Challenge description, “Gate screens are a great way to make learners pause and interact with your course before continuing through it. Think of gates like floating dialog boxes that provide a big picture overview or contextual help for a specific slide.”

The Process:

I created a demo training course in the past which had a few slide layers setup as gate screens.  For example, a screen explaining the navigation of the course, another with resources for the learner, and a third with general information on the course.  In the original course, they were setup to appear only once one of the relevant buttons was clicked, but for this example I made the navigation screen appear on the intro slide, to make the learner pause and interact with the course before advancing.

Navigation Gate Screen

Navigation Gate Screen

The Resources, Navigation, Information, and Pause screen still appear when the user clicks each of the buttons, and then disappears when they click the button again.  You can see each of the other three screens below.

Three Additional Gate Screens

Three Additional Gate Screens

My Submission:

You can view my final submission here: Challenge 03: Gate Screen Demo

What Worked and What Didn’t?

When I originally created this demo, I didn’t think of the overlay-layers as gate screens per se, but I think by triggering the navigation to popup automatically it forces interaction by the user, better fitting the definition of a gate screen.  I like the transparent black overlay method for displaying additional information, and think it could work well in many different courses.  I’m pleased with this challenge submission.

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